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  • Acrogen
  • C-DHA
  • Ovagain

Pregnancy complications are directly related to deficincies in functional nutritional administrations.

Complications like IUGR, NTD’s, Pre term delivery, Pre eclampsia, Recurrent abortions etc… Are associated with elevated Homocystine levels.

C-DHA, a first time in india combination designed with specific functional nutrition to compliment the dream, every mother delivers ‘Healthy & Brainy Baby’...


In PCOS, the condition is complex and the current treatment options are not satisfactory, the need is to treat the root causes comprehensively…
OVAGAIN PLUS is the only specific product that offers comprehensive & holistic treatment, effectively addressing all the root causes,

  • Insulin resistance,
  • Balancing the hormones,
  • Promoting folliculo genesis,

Thus resulting in proper “Ovulation”.


The quality & quantity of the sperm determines the male fertility potential.

Increased stress, excessive ROS, altered lifestyle are the major reasons for the damages in SPERM DNA.

The challenges in treatment of male infertility will be,

  • working at the cellular levels,
  • Preventing SPERM DNA damage and
  • Ensuring right morphology, motility and vitality.

ACROGEN, specificaly designed in the treatment of male infertility to bring the “Joy of Being a Father”.


Obesity is a growing epidemic, contributing to all metabolic disorders like infertility, Osteo arthiritis, diabetes, cardiac diseases etc etc…

Treatment options should include not only diet & exercise but also specifically engineered nutritional interventions,

  • To promote thermogenesis,
  • To improve metabolism,
  • To accelerate lean body mass and
  • To avoid all side effects.

EC-TRIM is scientific, safe and effective
‘Resolves Obesity & Revives Life’


Repeated pregnancy losses and miscarriages are quiet a threatening condition which are equally stressful for the patient and the doctor.

Conventional options are not comprehensive in addressing all the possible etiologies leading to negative pregnancies.

Imbryogen for the first time offers all the specific nutritions that are absolutely vital in addressing all the etiologies effectively.

Imbryogen is designed to improve embryo biogenesis.

Imbryogen preserves, protects and promotes safe pregnancy.

Imbryogen important for Embryo Bio Genesis


IVF, IUI and ICSI a boon for infertility couples could also be a nightmare when the results are not as expected. Diminished ovarian reserve is seen as a major challenge which significantly affects ART success rates..Plethora of treatment options for DOR have been tried , but in vain…

LEUPLUS is fully loaded to take on DOR effectively.
Improve success rates and bring back the SMILE..

Our Quality Policy

Aube has affiliation with WHO, GMP, ISO standards Manufacturing plants where in our products, strictly comply with all statutory regulations by implementing the international norm and practice. We are committed to consistently deliver enhanced value to our customers, through continual improvement of our process and System by way of innovation technology and Knowledge management. To provide services that totally satisfies our customer needs of quality, Safety, efficacy and Timely delivery of the product.,

Responsibilities of the Quality Assurance:
  • Ensure compliance to National and International regulatory cGMP requirements
  • Approve and verify implementation of defined systems, standards and procedures
  • Ensure availability of approved procedures and specifications for reference
  • Review Batch Manufacturing and testing Records, before giving product release
  • Ensure compliance of cGMP’s through audits
  • Carry out Process controls, including in-process checks/inspections/line clearances.
  • Inspection of final packed stock, before release
  • Investigate complaints, deviations, quality incidents and non-conformances
  • Handling of regulatory inspections at the site
  • Take actions on Product recalls and investigate the reasons
  • Ensure implementation of amendments in specifications and procedures as per current pharmacopoeial standards
  • Ensure implementation of Pest and rodent controls, as per defined schedules
  • Review Product stability reports
  • Review Batch Manufacturing, Batch Packing Records, verify reconciliation of batch inputs, batch yields and finally release the product
  • Document control
  • Evaluation of external analytical laboratories and all those providing the contract services